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Safeguarding The New Frontier


Astronauts & Space Tourists

Minimize radiation exposure to keep astronauts healthy during space travel. We apply our human 3D Tetrahedral Models with PHALANX AI to evaluate human and biotech protection systems. 


Habitats & Vehicles

PHALANX AI increases systems resilience by assessing the performance of advanced material shielding approaches to meet mission objectives and useful life while increasing payload capacity.


Power & Energy Systems for the Lunar Surface & Beyond

Use PHALANX AI to protect onboard assets from ionizing radiation hazards; apply the latest microelectronics, electrical & electromechanical components to meet your mission needs.  

Where We Can Help.

Atlantis Space Solutions



The 21st century cislunar space race is estimated to be a $10 trillion opportunity. Let us show you how PHALANX AI can help you assess feasibility and tailor design approaches for using commercial electronics and payloads in the harsh space radiation environment for greater mission success. 



We use our REFORGE test capability to validate conceptual system and component shielding designs to meet Total Ionizing Dose, Displacement Damage Dose and Single Event Effects tolerances. Our model driven approach can be applied early in the design process to include Analysis of Alternatives. 

Van Allen Belts_edited.png


Using customer provided radiation data or integrating our TIGER EYE sensor payload into your mission, we can perform near real time anomaly detection, monitor and alert to aide in performing on-orbit countermeasures, along with customized response and triage specific to your mission and constellation.

Lunar Craters

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