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Space habitats on orbit and on the lunar surface require shielding to protect critical assets and astronauts from the harmful effects of space radiation. However, the current approaches to designing shielding profiles are often inefficient, resulting in unnecessary weight and cost. Our artificial intelligence capability optimizes the shielding profile and can significantly reduce the weight and cost of space habitats while ensuring the safety of space travelers.


Our solution begins by creating a database of existing shielding materials and their properties. The capability would use this database to generate a wide range of possible shielding profiles based on the required protection level, weight, and cost. Our AI would then use algorithms such as genetic algorithms and machine learning to evaluate each profile and select the most optimal ones.


The capability is also trained using data from previous space missions to learn how space radiation interacts with different materials and how it affects the human body. This allows us to generate more accurate shielding profiles that can ensure the safety of hardware, electronics, and astronauts while minimizing the weight and cost of the habitat.


By leveraging the power of Atlantis Industries’ shielding solutions and advanced simulations, we can help you in the development of more efficient and cost-effective space habitats, enabling longer and safer space missions.

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